Thursday, August 7, 2008


What a long and boring summer this has been!

Already three months of vacation and twenty more days to go! not much to report from here, apart from a couple of road trips. One to Tucson and the other to the Grand Canyon.

A lot has happened though in the world of politics and sport.
Obama clinched the Democratic nomination in the US and has been going hammer and tong with McSame for the last few weeks. While the Indian Union government hung on to dear life after Crores changed hands. The nuclear deal with the US is finally back in the US's and the NSG's court.

The blasts in Bangalore and Ahmedabad have given the nation a collective shudder. The timing though is what appears very creepy. Just after the BJP led opposition failed to capsize the UPA boat, series of explosions 'rocked' BJP governed states. Hmm... interesting, don't you think?
To add to that, the blame has been placed on some organization claiming revenge for the Gujarat riots. All this in combination with the rising inflation and prices, looks like the anti-incumbency factor is going to be exploited to the fullest by the NDA come elections in 2009.

The same feeling prevails currently in the US of A. However, the contributing factors are a whole lot different! McCain is such a mumbling, bungling old fool whose hypocrisy knows no bounds. Obama is a smooth operator and appears very clean cut at the moment at least. It's going to be a blue Tsunami come November, regardless of what the 'polls' seem to be suggesting right now.

Leaving all the glum politicking aside, VIVA ESPANA!!! What a brilliant Euro championships!
Loved the way Spain dominated the tourney right from the onset. The midfield stooges of Spain were brilliant no doubt, but David Villa and El Nino were just terrific! OK, Torres scored only two goals but what a goal his second was! The goal capped a great season for Torres.

Hope to keep the blog updated regularly.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Even Stevphen

The Comedy Central site is a veritable gold mine of laughs.
Both The Colbert Report and The Daily Show kick MSM arse!

As a little sample of the videos online at the site, here's a compilation of the best segment on The Daily Show with two of the funniest men on TV.

I'll keep embedding videos from this site in this blog from now on.


Hello... again!

Hey all!
I am back after the long self-imposed hiatus.
Not that any of you missed me.

Here's a little video to mark my return

This guy better keep his promises... the world needs him to deliver!

More to follow soon! :)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

For update's sake!

I'll soon update the blog with some 'meaningful' trash.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bye bye Manoja!

I write this as you fly
Across the seas and mountains high.

Forever to the heart shall you be nigh

Godspeed Manoja, Goodbye! Goodbye!!

All those train journeys to and from Mysore,
All those late night football games,
All those lunch breaks where you made us all wait till you finished (and in the process made us curse you for it),
All those little munDaas you put on Pyammie,
All that bickering on the football field,
All those raucous juice sessions after football...
will be missed dearly.

Although you couldn't see Thierry at the Emirates, I hope you get to see Cesc and Kolo at least! :)

The list and the gang will be a lot less noisy, a lot less vulgar, a lot less indecorous without you.
But we shall miss you for those very same reasons.

But most of all... Basamma will miss you! :P

God only knows when I'll see you again.
Here's wishing you the very best of my wishes for all that you seek.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Sunita Williams ballyhoo!!!

As our dear Lt. Col. Frank W. Slade would say 'WHAT A CROCK OF SHIT!!!'.
I have nothing personal against this lady.
What she's achieved in her life thus far is quite remarkable I'll be very happy for her if she goes on to greater heights.
But what the f*ck is the hoopla in the Indian media for Sunita Williams all about???

I mean, look at her history:
She was born half Indian and half Slovenian IN America.
ALL her upbringing was in the US of A.
She graduated from a Naval Academy.
She was a US Navy pilot for eleven years.
She's probably visited India ONLY once!!! (Unable to confirm that though)
And, and... tell me something. Which country's flag did she sport on her sleeve during the space mission???

Apart from having an Indian first name and an Indian ancestry (mind you, only HALF of her ancestry is Indian) how much of a claim to 'Indianness' can she boast of? NOUGHT!

And yet, the Indian media is so frigging obsessed by success stories of anybody remotely Indian that they go gaga over them!
Lines on TV like 'a testament to the triumph of human spirit over life's adversities' and the like just irk the crap outta me.
I mean look at the reality of the matter... She's the daughter of a highly successful Indian-American neuroanatomist (source : Wikipedia... STOP ROLLING YOUR EYES!)
with a fairly well-off upbringing and a plethora of opportunities having lived an American life.

OKAY, kudos to Ms. Williams for taking most of them, but does she REALLY deserve ALL that attention and sympathy from the Indian media?

Definitely NOT, in my opinion.

I'm sure, for the Indian media there is no dearth of INDIAN issues to focus on and no shortage of success stories of Indian women who've fought MUCH, MUCH tougher odds in life to succeed.

Mind you as I mentioned earlier, I have nothing against Sunita Williams herself and I wish her the very best in her future endeavours.

Friday, June 22, 2007


Aah.. yes.
It's been about a fortnight since I put in my papers at Infy.
It was a weird feeling of relief I experienced as soon as I clicked on the submit button.
Although the course my life takes at least for the next few months depends on that ONE decision to be taken by the Visa interviewer next month, having submitted my resignation makes one thing sure.
I will not be on the Infy payroll beyond the 16th of July.