Thursday, August 7, 2008


What a long and boring summer this has been!

Already three months of vacation and twenty more days to go! not much to report from here, apart from a couple of road trips. One to Tucson and the other to the Grand Canyon.

A lot has happened though in the world of politics and sport.
Obama clinched the Democratic nomination in the US and has been going hammer and tong with McSame for the last few weeks. While the Indian Union government hung on to dear life after Crores changed hands. The nuclear deal with the US is finally back in the US's and the NSG's court.

The blasts in Bangalore and Ahmedabad have given the nation a collective shudder. The timing though is what appears very creepy. Just after the BJP led opposition failed to capsize the UPA boat, series of explosions 'rocked' BJP governed states. Hmm... interesting, don't you think?
To add to that, the blame has been placed on some organization claiming revenge for the Gujarat riots. All this in combination with the rising inflation and prices, looks like the anti-incumbency factor is going to be exploited to the fullest by the NDA come elections in 2009.

The same feeling prevails currently in the US of A. However, the contributing factors are a whole lot different! McCain is such a mumbling, bungling old fool whose hypocrisy knows no bounds. Obama is a smooth operator and appears very clean cut at the moment at least. It's going to be a blue Tsunami come November, regardless of what the 'polls' seem to be suggesting right now.

Leaving all the glum politicking aside, VIVA ESPANA!!! What a brilliant Euro championships!
Loved the way Spain dominated the tourney right from the onset. The midfield stooges of Spain were brilliant no doubt, but David Villa and El Nino were just terrific! OK, Torres scored only two goals but what a goal his second was! The goal capped a great season for Torres.

Hope to keep the blog updated regularly.

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